Practice Areas

Executive Compensation

Drafting and negotiation of executive employment and deferred compensation agreements. Negotiation of executive compensation packages involving federal tax issues related to 409A and 280G on behalf of executives. 

Representation of executives in arbitration and litigation regarding complex executive compensation issues, good reason terminations, and for cause terminations.  Negotiation and litigation involving non-compete and non-solicitation disputes.

Consultation regarding all aspects of deferred compensation arrangements including stock options, RSU’s, SERPs, incentive units, and 409A and 280G issues.


First chair arbitration experience on multimillion dollar executive disputes.

AAA and JAMS arbitration as well as experience with self-administered arbitration under the Rules for Non-Administered Arbitration of International Disputes promulgated by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

Arbitration consulting involving the research, design and implementation of worldwide arbitration strategy in company contracts.

Class Action and Complex Commercial Litigation

Civil RICO class action litigation in federal courts.  National litigation coordinator managing multiple legal teams on intersecting regulatory issues and related class action litigation in federal and state courts. 

Expert procurement, preparation, Daubert defense, expert opinion preparation, deposition defense and pleading composition with specialty in economics and actuarial science as applied to class certification.

Point person for multiple large-scale discovery projects involving 100,000’s of documents, electronic discovery and document retention policy issues.

Outside General Counsel

Pragmatic and efficient legal support as needed in connection with a company’s daily operations, including negotiating customer and supplier contracts and addressing legal inquiries from regulators and other third parties. 

Establishment, maintenance and continued development of contract forms and guidance notes helping the company to effectively and efficiently negotiate and establish contracts with customers, employees, service contractors and major suppliers.  

International business methodology audits involving both written recommendations and implementation of new procedures.

International litigation consulting including choice of law, international arbitration and foreign regulatory compliance involving European, South American and Asian countries.