I provide practical and efficient legal guidance across primary areas of your business, and allow you to select and adjust the level of support.  Some of the particular areas in which I can provide legal support are as follows.  


Strategic Legal Advice

Risk Management and Mitigation

Involving an attorney in strategic decisions and planning will avoid future legal issues.

On Demand Legal Support to Operation

Pragmatic and efficient legal support as needed in connection with the company’s daily operations, e.g. negotiating customer and supplier contracts and addressing legal inquiries from regulators and other third parties.

Intellectual Property Protection

A high level inventory of the company’s intellectual property assets (e.g. copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks).  Planning for the most effective and efficient means of securing protection of the assets identified as strategically important in the appropriate jurisdictions.

Contract Infrastructure

This includes the establishment, maintenance and continued development of contract forms and guidance notes helping the company to effectively and efficiently negotiate and establish contracts with customers, employees, service contractors and major suppliers.  

Creation and maintenance of the company’s required corporate documents (e.g. articles of incorporation, by-laws, board resolutions, etc.) and guidance in issues dealing with optimal corporate structure.   

Corporate Governance

Website Infrastructure

Legal support in the review, revision and maintenance of the compliance aspects of the company’s website and online communication.

Regulatory Compliance

Ongoing review and oversight to assure the company’s continued compliance with existing and upcoming regulations in the jurisdictions where the company operates, including for example: the EU US Privacy Shield; the EU General Data Protection Regulations; HIPAA; and US export and trade regulations.

Dispute Resolution

I can guide and support the use of commercial and legal approaches to resolve disputes. 

International Law

In addition to my own experience, I have a strategic partnership with a London based lawyer who was formerly the General Counsel of Schlumberger and now counsels companies doing business internationally.

Employment Law/Compensation Issues

I negotiate executive compensation packages and deal with federal tax issues related to 409A and 280G on behalf of corporate executives.  I also advise companies on hiring issues, non-competes and other employment related issues.